Quality Audits


We have a range of comprehensive quantitative and qualitative audit tools available for all service types enabling us to:


  • Plan and undertake audits to ensure compliance to External, Contractual and Internal Quality standards


  • Review and report on the quality of experiences for people using services.


  • Provide evidence-based reports and improvement plans


  • Complete comprehensive and confidential audits prior to purchase or sale of a service

Customer and Stakeholder engagement

We know that obtaining feedback from people who use your services and key stakeholders is essential in improving and shaping service delivery.


We have a range of options available including:


  • Questionnaires / Surveys to engage with Customers


  • Questionnaires to engage with Key Stakeholders i.e. Carers, Local Authority


These templates can be purchased or we can send surveys out on your behalf and collate the results into a report.



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